Immigration & Nationality Law

Do you want to sponsor a relative or an employee? Do you need to file for Naturalization? Are you having an immigration issue that you think you can easily handle on your own? Call us! We do this type of work every day, and we can always help you better than you can do on your own. More »

Out of State Traffic Citations

Have you received a traffic citation from another state? Are you thinking about just paying it? WAIT! DO NOT JUST PAY THAT OUT OF STATE TICKET! Paying that ticket can cause points against your driving record and could cause your insurance premiums to go up substantially for up to 3 years! More »

Employment / Labor Law

There are two aspects to Employment Law. Issues related to Employees, and issues related to Employers. Yelen Law Offices is experienced in handling either case. Give us a call to discuss. More »


Employment / Labor Law

There are two aspects to Employment Law.  Issues related to Employees, and issues related to Employers.  Most lawsuits are filed by former employees.  How often do you hear about an Employer suing an Employee?  It is rare.  Most of the time, an Employee feels wronged by being terminated unfairly.  Perhaps they have been working there for many years.  Perhaps the Employer was rude to him, or perhaps the Employee simply felt that he was not treated fairly.  Because of these feelings, the Employee seeks advice from an Attorney.  The Attorney evaluates the claim, and in many instances, there is no realy claim for the termination aspect.  However, the attorney asks other questions and soon determines there are potential overtime issues, unpaid wage claims, discrimination claims, or even Whistleblower claims.  These are the more common claims filed by Employees, and these are usually the reasons on how they come about.


As an Employer, there are many things that can be done to prevent or reduce the risk of these lawsuits.  Most Employers do not know how to protect themselves from overtime issues.  They pay workers a salary when, by law, the Employees are not allowed to be paid salary.  They pay workers as independent contractors when, by law, they are Employees.  This creates a whole host of issues, such as worker’s compensation fraud, tax fraud, insurance fraud, and other problems.
As an Employer, it is imperative that you know the law and do the right things to protect your business.  If you don’t, one lawsuit can potentially put you out of business.  Don’t let this happen, and don’t think that you are doing everything correctly.  Most problems occur because the Employer innocently does things to help the Employee, but unknowningly does it wrong.  Then, later on when the Employee no longer works there and seeks advice from an attorney, the attorney discovers all of the things done wrong, and now you are in a position where you have no legitimate defense to the claims.