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With the New Year of 2017, immigration change is the hot topic. What changes are being made? What changes are to come? And the real question is, does any of it really matter to you and your situation?

Check back soon to find out the latest, and what changes may help you!


President Obama has initiated an Executive Order which may qualify millions of undocumented immigrants the opportunity to obtain work authorization, a social security number, and a driver’s license. If you or anyone you know has been living in the U.S. for more than 5 years without proper legal status, please contact my office to see if you qualify.

START THE PROCESS NOW! There will be millions of applications filed once this process starts. If you are not one of the first to file, it may be a very long wait until your application gets processed. There is a lot of documentation that will need to be submitted, and these documents may take time to get, so start now, so your application and documents will be ready to be filed as soon as USCIS starts accepting them.


Diversity Lottery

Registration for the Diversity Lottery begins October 1, 2013 and ends November 2, 2013.

This is a great opportunity to obtain your legal residency in the U.S. without having to have a family member or employer sponsor you!

There is only a short time frame for registration, so it is important to get started as quickly as possible. To find out more about this, and how you can apply, please contact Yelen Law Offices for the details.

Syrian Nationals may now qualify for Temporary Protected Status

Syrian Nationals may now qualify for Temporary Protected Status. Call Yelen Law Offices, PA to find out more.

Immigration Benefits for same-sex married couples

Immigration Benefits are now available for same-sex married couples! Gay and Lesbian marriages, taking place in a state that recognizes the marriage as a legal marriage, can now potentially qualify to get residency in the United States. Call Yelen Law Offices to find out more information!

Hope for Immigration Reform

SOME HOPE MAY BE COMING FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM!  Eight Senators recently submitted an Immigration Reform Proposal that could potentially help millions of illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S.  This is just an initial proposal, and it could take months before anything comes of it; however, it is a good start for what is thought to be a more realistic approach by all political parties.  Click below for more details: